About the NP

Welcome to An NP in Running Shoes!  I’m Marion, a 27 year old RN who is currently back in school to get my master’s in nursing to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.  I love what I do, enjoy caring for people, and have a passion for preventative health care.  As a nurse practitioner, I feel as though I really get to know my patients, their families, and help them take charge of their health.

When I’m not studying my life away, I love running and make fitness a priority.  I’ve been an athlete since I was five… my summers filled with swim team and softball, the school years filled with basketball and ballet… so being active is a huge part of who I am.  I’m currently training for my first marathon!

Sweating is imperative for my mental health. If I don’t sweat I tend to be a bit grouchy… just ask my husband!

I’m a somewhat newlywed (going on 2 years)…

to a very handsome golfer

He travels for work quite a bit so I definitely soak up every minute I get with my little family.  We currently live in Charlottesville, Virginia and really love what this town has to offer!

I love to cook and enjoy learning how to incorporate new foods into a healthy and well-balanced diet.

This can be somewhat of a challenge with a rather picky eater in the house…

but we make it work.

So, if you enjoy some silliness and fun along with your health and fitness journey…

I’d love to have you tag along!




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