Shamrock 2012


So, I made the plunge about a month ago.  I signed up for my very first marathon.

may have still been pumped up on endorphins after the Walt Disney World Half Marathon when I signed up for the Shamrock Marathon… but it’s done.  I’m signed up… no refund allowed.  So here goes nothing.

I really waiver back and forth between extreme excitement and extreme fear.  The fear really comes in the form of “fear of injury” and “fear of not being able to race”.  I’ve only had a few bumps in the training road thus far that I’ve pretty much been able to nip in the bud.  IT band? Got a foam roller and a 5 day medrol pak and now its fine.  Sore muscles?  The golfer is a fantastic massage therapist (though he likes to poke where I’m sore and watch me react…. jerk). Achilles tendonitis?  That’s the one that likes to stick around.